in ww2 can neutrality realy be said

on this list i intend to show the most neutral of countries to a major trade agreements with one side
Ww2 allied axis 1943 jul

The world Divided in 1943


  1. Hitler had planned a major invasion of Switzeland after the fall of France but decided to Begin Operation Sealion the Battle of Britain
  2. Swis soldiers had Fired on several Axis planes which had Crossed their airspace
  3. Several high up swis generals had Pro-Nazi sympatheses
  4. general guisan famously prepared for a invasion by germany and told the swis people they would never surrender
  5. near the end of the war swis border towns were bombed by both axis and allie aircraft
  6. the swis held vast amounts of nazi gold in their banks


  1. sent troops unoffically to aid british troops
  2. Accepted various Jewish imagrants into their country against hitlers demands


  1. In the case of Portugal, over 10,000 men were sent to battle the Germans under the banner of Great Britain.

The reason for which this occurred was

Firstly, Portugal wanted to continue to maintain its alliance with Great Britain as it had for the last six hundred years (that is, supplying troops in times of need and when invaded by a foreign power).

The second reason for which Portuguese soldiers fought under the British flag was because Portugal wanted to help Britain without officially removing itself from a state of declared neutrality. However, Portugal continued trading with countries from both sides of the conflict throughout the war.


Cause they were epic fighters


Casue Germany invadede part of it land :D